Tree Pruning Helps Trees From Root to Leaf

arborist pruning a large tree

If you have never pruned your trees, then chances are they are in dire need of it. For some, tree pruning is simply removing branches that are causing a problem or for shaping the tree. While it is true that this is the essence of tree trimming, it can also help in maintaining the health of a tree.

Alive but not always well

Every single branch on a tree is alive, but that’s pretty obvious. What is slightly less obvious is that every branch is taking the resources of a tree – its water and nutrients provided by the leaves and roots. However, when a tree has damaged or sick branches, it allocates more resource to those areas to try and heal them. This, in turn, affects the overall health of the tree. The root systems don’t grow and you may notice fewer leaves or discolored leaves.

This is where diligent tree pruning comes in. By removing dead or sick branches, it frees up the resources that are still being given to them. This will help foster a stronger root system and an overall healthy tree.

Pruning fosters healthy trees

Tree pruning is as necessary for a healthy tree as it is for a pretty tree. If you neglect tree altogether, your tree may end up looking more like a bush than a tall slender tree. Pruning helps it develop a distinct trunk, rids it of those small weak branches, and will free up resources for the other part of the tree. So even if a tree is not sick, limiting the branches and shaping it how you want it still fosters better tree health. If you have a tree in your yard that is looking a little shabby, it can benefit from a tree trimming in more than just its looks, but its overall health as well.

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