Vista Pruning for a View (if Monet could climb trees)

Pruning for a view or “vista pruning” is often misunderstood by our clients.  I believe it is over simplified to think that in order to view something in the background, we must remove the object in the foreground.

It’s true we need to see the background. But if you look at any great landscape painting or picture is there not a foreground and a mid ground in front of that background.

Is this not much more appealing to the eye than simply a picture of a mountain, or a lake, or a pizza hut sign.  The detail gives the picture depth of field.

I like to look at vista pruning as creating a view of the background, while using plant material as the foreground or mid ground. But always done making a priority of the plants long term health.

Might this turn your local arborist into a Monet?