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Acceptable risk?

Storm Uprooting a treeDoesn’t it just wad your shorts when you spend a lot of money for something that you hope you will never have to use.  Insurance is probably the first thing that comes to mind.  We pay insurance companies to take a risk that we can’t afford to take and they are making huge profits assuming those risks.  Insurance companies simply charge enough money over time to make your risk acceptable. Essentially, they wager that you won’t ever need the full extent of their services and charge you a monthly premium to cover their wager should the worst happen.

There are ways you can reduce the risk in your everyday life. We install smoke alarms, wear seat belts, chose not build a house in a flood plane, or maybe consider driving a florescent orange car… But what can we do when it comes to our trees?

Did you know that up to 70% of storm damage to trees could be avoided by taking care of three things: poor branch attachment, weak roots, and lightning protection.   Yes, we can install lightning protection that is made not only to protect your favorite tree, but your nearby home. Cabling and bracing can add a lot to the structural integrity of you trees. Pruning young trees can help avoid many of the defects which eventually cause the types of damage we cable and brace for later.  Interested in learning more, call a Schneider Tree Care and ask a certified arborist how you can reduce the risk of storm damage caused by trees on your property.

Acceptable risk?

Things to Do to Protect your Trees from Damage

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