3 Tips for Bringing Shrubs Back to Life After a Long Winter

shrubs covered in snow

After a long winter, you may be thinking of what you can do to improve your landscaping and make the front of your home look appealing again. If you’re unsure of what kind of care your shrubs need, it’s important for you to look into what you can do at the beginning of spring to help brighten up your shrubs and make sure they are healthy.

Take Care of Pruning Each Spring

Pruning is an essential part of keeping your shrubs healthy, making it vital for you to schedule routine pruning at the beginning of each spring. By taking care of it during spring, you can remove any dead parts and make a big difference in how well your shrubs grow with the return of warmer weather.

Let Flowers Bloom Before Pruning

If any of your shrubs have flowers, it’s so important to let them bloom before you take care of pruning. The reason for this is that pruning can remove some small flower buds that would otherwise have grown beautifully. Being a bit more reserved with any flower bearing shrubs can help ensure that you’re happy with the way your shrubs turn out and the kind of color throughout your yard.

Keep Up with Consistent Watering

With the end of winter, you’ll need to look into exactly how often you’ll need to keep up with watering your shrubs so that they are in good health. A lack of watering can quickly lead to a lot of dead branches in the shrubs, making it important to look into how often you’ll need to water them to prevent any drying out.

When you’re unsure of how to get started with maintaining your shrubs, you need to see how landscaping can be essential at the beginning of spring. With the above tips, you should notice a significant improvement in the health of your shrubs.

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