Can You Trim Palm Trees?

tree service arborists cutting down a palm tree

While palms don’t do well in more northern states, in the southern United States which have the climate to support them, they are a treasure for your yard. Nothing can bring a beachy feeling to your yard more quickly than a palm tree gently swaying in the warm breeze. Unfortunately, that novelty tends to wear off a little when that green fronds become overshadowed by a big bush of brown undergrowth around its crown.

Palm trees don’t have branches; the fronds at the top are just giant leaves. Unfortunately, while these fronds die and are replaced by new ones, they don’t always fall off as you would expect. This general lack of branches makes the palm tree significantly lower maintenance, but they do need trimming from time to time to remove the dead fronds that did not fall away.

When to Trim Palm Trees

A palm tree needs trimming when it has a significant amount of brown, dead fronds. Removing these dead fronds that did not fall away keeps a potential fire hazard out of your yard, prevents potential wind damage, and keeps your tree looking great. This trimming is primarily done by going around the bottom of the crown and trimming away anything dead and brown. As palm trees are sometimes high off the ground, this is a job best left to a professional arborist with the right equipment to do it safely.

Implement a Tree Care Program

If you have other trees in your yard alongside your palm tree, it is to your benefit to get all your trees done at the same time. It will leave your yard looking pristine and all your trees in better health. While your palm tree may require less trimming than other trees due to its potential to shed leaves, by scheduling it with other tree trimmings, you will probably never need to worry about it.

Contact our neighborhood arborists to help you with your trees and have them prescribe the right tree care program for your property. We provide a variety of shrub and tree care services to keep your landscape looking great all year long.