Category: Disease Problems

Cedar-Apple Rust
Description: Cedar-apple rust can be very harmful to the health of apple trees. If severe infections of cedar-apple rust continue… read more
Fire Blight
Description: Fire blight gets its name from the burnt appearance it leaves on affected blossoms and twigs. It is one… read more
Hypoxlon Canker
Description: The following is a description of hypoxylon canker in oak, taken from the Texas Plant Disease Handbook: “Hypoxylon Canker… read more
Leaf Infection
Description: Leaf spots, or infections of leaves, are caused by a variety of fungi and some bacteria. Leafspots are seen… read more
Powdery Mildew
Description: Many fungi fall under the category of powdery mildew. Some plants can withstand being infected and not have serious… read more
Root Rot
Description: There are many different types of root rot affecting both urban and forest trees. High soil moisture content and… read more
Seridium Canker
Description: Seridium canker is caused by a fungus and is the most damaging disease of Leyland cypress. The fungus will… read more
Verticillium Wilt
Description: Verticillium Wilt is a serious vascular disease of hundreds of woody and herbaceous plant hosts. One group not affected… read more
Bacterial Leaf Scorch
Description: Bacterial leaf scorch (BLS) is a chronic, eventually fatal disease that is most noticeable in theearly fall. Urban trees… read more

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