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Emerald Ash Borer is Moving South
Emerald Ash Borer is moving South, just like Lebron James is moving West. Sadly, they bring no titles or rings;… read more
Keep Your Trees Hydrated In the Summer
There are many factors that can add stress to a tree or shrub. Common ones that we talk about a… read more
A Look On The Blight Side
What is Fire Blight? You may have seen this disease without even knowing it! If you see scorched leaves on… read more
Fungi Facts
May is here! The old adage says, “April showers bring May flowers,” and so far April hasn’t disappointed; we’ve had… read more
There’s A Fungus Among Us
What is ‘Black Knot’? Check this out! One of our technicians brought in a branch this week with a strange… read more
Purple Rain – It’s Killing Your Trees
What is Anthracnose? Spring showers exacerbate the condition of fungal diseases such as Anthracnose. Anthracnose is a disease that deeply… read more
Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale: Making Its Way In The Carolinas
Be on the lookout! In late July, an Arborist discovered Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale (CMBS) in Mooresville, NC. These creatures… read more
Dogwoods Beware!
Have you noticed spots and blotches of varying shapes and sizes appearing on your Dogwoods? If so, your Dogwoods could… read more
Black Knot
Description: Black knot is a serious disease of plum and cherry trees caused by the fungus Apiosporina morbosa. It is… read more

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