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“Drop It Like It’s Hot” – Fall Leaf Drop

Leaves changing into red in fall Do you ever wonder why the trees in your neighborhood begin to drop their leaves as the Fall season sets in? Or why the trees that shade your backyard begin to turn from green to yellow, orange, and red? Well, it’s a little more complicated than the weather getting cooler!

Leaves changing color and falling from their branches is actually a very important process that a tree goes through to prepare itself for the approaching winter months. Stems and buds are able to withstand freezing temperatures, but most leaves are not. Therefore, the dropping of leaves is actually a protection method used by the tree; it sheds its dead material and subsequently seals up the notches where leaves were once attached. As we transition from late summer into fall, both light and weather patterns will be changing; this is what signals a tree’s inner biology to start prepping the sealing process. Eventually, natural environmental elements like wind or rain will help the tree shed its extra material.

However, leaf drop is not only an event that happens as the seasons change. Trees may shed their foliage for many reasons, including drought or stress. Pay attention to the trees in your yard and any environmental climate changes that may be happening. Call your arborist today to learn more about how you can aid in the protection process of your trees.

“Drop It Like It’s Hot” – Fall Leaf Drop

Why the trees in your neighborhood drop their leaves in the Fall

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