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Firewood Safety Fact Sheet

  1. Don’t cut firewood alone.
    • If two heads are better than one, then two sets of hands are definitely better when dealing with chopping firewood. It is always a good idea to have another person present to help, make sure you are working safely, and to assist you in case anything goes wrong. Better safe than sorry!
  2. Make sure to wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
    • Cutting firewood can be very dangerous. Wearing proper protective gear will help keep you safe and prevent injury. PPE for cutting firewood ideally includes: steel-toed boots, gloves, protective eyewear/goggles, ear plugs of some sort, well-fitted clothing, and hardhats. Make sure you have the right equipment for the job!
  3. No transporting firewood across state lines!
    • Transferring firewood across state lines is actually illegal, so make sure to buy your firewood locally!
  4. Know your equipment.
    • Whether you are using a hand tool (saws, axes, sledgehammers, etc) or a power tool (mainly chain saws), it is important to thoroughly inspect, clean, and fuel your equipment before you begin any job. Make sure you know any hazards involved and how to use the tool properly and safely.
  5. Firewood Storage
    • Make sure to keep extra piles of firewood out from under the trees on your property. Firewood can house damaging pests that may affect nearby trees. Be careful not to burn firewood that has been treated with pesticides, as harmful fumes may be released. It is also very important to keep the wood as dry as possible; moisture that gets into the wood can cause it to get moldy or decay. Ideally, firewood should be stored outside under some cover so as to let the wood air-dry.
Also, make sure you are not burning firewood outside if at all possible; keep burning fires safely inside your fireplace. Once all your firewood is chopped and stored, we at Schneider Tree Care hope you curl up by a warm fire with a good book or some hot chocolate and enjoy this holiday season!

Firewood Safety Fact Sheet

Don’t cut firewood alone

Make sure to wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

No transporting firewood across state lines!

Know your equipment.

Firewood Storage

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