Your Trees Are Hungry! Fall Feedings Can Help.

The giant plant from “Little Shop of Horrors” had it right when he yelled one specific command at the meek shop clerk taking care of him: “Feed me, Seymour!” Your trees and shrubs might be trying to tell you the same thing!

Your plants need taking care of, especially after all the heat we’ve been getting. Thankfully, summer weather is starting to wind down; mornings are getting cooler (at least for us in Taylors, SC), and it’s really beginning to feel like Fall. Now is the perfect time to help your trees and shrubs recover from the high temperatures, and Schneider Tree Care has the answer: Fall Feeding!

Our Fall Feedings provide nutrients that help your trees recover from stress and stay protected from harmful effects, like illness and insect attacks. If your home is located in Charleston, SC, then you know all about stressed trees. After the hurricane, many trees are down, broken, or under extreme stress from the harsh weather; even properties in Charlotte, NC have been hit with storm damage and heavy winds, leaving them vulnerable and weak. Trees in the urban forest are generally under stress simply because trees are naturally designed to live and thrive in forest environments, where they are able to take up nutrients from leaves that fall to the ground and rot away. Fall Feedings supply beneficial nutrients that your tree is unlikely to get in more urban settings.

Fall Feedings are one good way to keep the family’s favorite tree well-nourished and standing strong. Call Schneider Tree Care today to speak with an arborist and find out more about Fall Feedings and how they can help keep your trees and shrubs satisfied and healthy!