How To Love Your Shrubs

shrub in the shape of a heart

Shrubs do much more than hide the building foundation of your home or business. They provide screening, enclose spaces, guide movement, and enhance your property with beautiful foliage and flowers. But how can you be sure you’re doing right by your shrubs?

Let Them Breathe

Sometimes we buy plants without understanding how fast or large they’ll grow. The shrubs in your hedge may be crowded, making it hard for their foliage to access sunlight. Proper pruning at the right time of year allows air and light to circulate. This is especially true for shrubs that are planted close together. Large specimen shrubs may have crowded branches that will eventually detract from the plant’s overall form and posture.

Freshen Them Up

Some shrubs, like willows, hydrangeas, and forsythia are more productive on their newer stems. That means the older, woody branches should be cut back, allowing their lower buds to develop into new shoots. Each species has its particular pruning needs. Consulting an expert is the best way to be sure that your beautiful flowering shrubs are ready to “wow” you every spring.

Keep Them Healthy

There are times when shrubs are particularly vulnerable to attack by insects or disease. New foliage is tasty to pests, so you should check the tender leaves at the tips of your plants for signs of predators. Flowering takes a toll on your shrubs, too. That means they need some T.L.C. after they have put on their performance. An expert application of nutrients will keep your plants in top form, allowing you to enjoy their bright green foliage and fall color later in the season.

Pamper Their Roots

Healthy roots have ample access to water and minerals. That means your soil should be aerated for better nutrient uptake and hydration. Weather patterns can be unpredictable, and drought conditions can put your shrubs at risk. A proper dressing with mulch not only prevents excessive water loss from the soil; it also keeps your beds looking tidy.

Schedule Their Care

A regular maintenance program will eliminate worry and enhance the beauty and performance of your shrubs. Contact us today to learn more about our shrub and tree care programs and to have an arborist help you decide what your property needs.