Keeping Your Shrubs Healthy

hands pruning healthy shrub

With winter well behind us and summer’s warmth upon us, we can now focus on the enjoyment of the outdoors. Shrubs can enhance the environment and bring curb appeal to a home. It is of utmost importance to keep them healthy, especially in the warm weather. Insects and fungal diseases can wreak havoc on plants, making them unsightly and sick. However, there are ways for homeowners to care for their shrubs and keep them looking pristine.

Maintain Health by Pruning

Help shrubs maintain their shape and size by pruning carefully. Cut dead branches to new growth, and those that may be crossing and touching. These can rub against each other, causing raw spots that invite disease. When shrubs aren’t pruned often, they become bushy, unsightly, and invite fungal disease and pests.

Provide Proper Hydration

New shrubs need to be watered at least once a week. A good ten-minute soaking at the base of the roots will assist shrubs in getting the necessary hydration to flourish and grow hardy. Established shrubs need watering much less – every couple of weeks should be sufficient.

Protection From Pests

Keeping shrubs free from insects that can hurt them is of vital importance. Pests like scale insects damage shrubs by sucking out vital fluids, leaving leaves and branches yellow, brittle, and damaged making the shrub susceptible to other insects. Yet, there are also beneficial insects, like ladybugs, that help plants by eating aphids, which can damage a shrub. Coffee grounds can deter many irritating pests, including slugs. Natural sprays which include ingredients like cayenne and garlic deter pests. Keeping shrubs pruned and healthy will help protect them from pests.

Shrubs can accent a home, whether they are flowering and add color or lush and green, filled with texture. Consistent care will keep them looking beautiful and healthy. In some cases, insects or fungal disease can get out of hand and may be difficult to treat. When this happens, consulting with a professional is a wise choice. Our arborists are not only experienced in their field, but they also care about the environment and can help you keep your outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs healthy and well maintained.

Contact our tree service professionals and learn about our shrub and tree care programs for keeping your surroundings look good all year long.