What’s Eating Your Dogwood Tree?

leaf showing dogwood tree damage

Dogwood Anthracnose

Actually, we’re not talking about an insect! Right now, many Dogwood trees are being affected by a fungal disease known as Dogwood Anthracnose. Dogwood Anthracnose affects all urban Dogwood trees each spring, and this disease is known to cause dieback and even possible death should the disease continue and spread throughout the rest of the tree.

leaves showing dogwood tree anthracnoseIf you have Dogwood trees in your yard, you might have noticed that they’re not in bloom right now. While there aren’t any distinguishing white flowers, the remaining leaves tell a story of their own. Look closely– you might see some patchy spots on the leaves, and on affected Dogwoods that are in bloom, you can see the red-purple discolored spots on the flower petals as well. While this fungus begins to visibly appear on the flowers and leaves during the month of May, it actually overwinters in the plant material; rainy weather causes the spores to release and spread, and we have had some downpours in the past few weeks!

Keeping Dogwood Trees Healthy

What are some ways that we can help you keep your Dogwood trees healthy? Spraying fungal control applications and getting your trees on one of our Programs, is a good start toward combating Anthracnose. Our biggest recommendation is keeping the tree healthy. Trees in the urban environment– everywhere we live– are under stress. When a tree is stressed, it is more susceptible to infestations and diseases. Dogwood Anthracnose is no different; eventually, this disease will stress the tree to the point where it can no longer survive.

Don’t let it get to that point! Give our office a call today at 864-244-3088 and schedule an appointment with one of our certified arborists. Our professional tree service team is qualified to help evaluate and prescribe appropriate treatment for both your trees and shrubs.