Prevent Tree Damage with Freezing Rain Preparation

tree limb frozen in ice

It is well known that the heavy snows they get up north can cause tree damage, but here in North and South Carolina freezing rain is our main cold weather concern. Unlike snow, you can’t just go out and shake freezing rain off of your tree branches. It sticks, builds up and eventually the ice on your tree branches can easily cause damage to your property. But, with adequate protection, you can save your favorite trees from disaster.

A Heavy Weight

Freezing rain forms when rain falls through the air at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below. This makes the moisture cool quickly and it freezes on contact when it hits a surface, such as a road, tree branch or power line. That adds a lot of weight. According to Sciencing a half inch of freezing rain results in up to 500 pounds of weight on a surface. This creates stress on your tree branches and may break them, especially if they are young or old. Disease and other underlying problems contribute to the risk. Most branches just slowly bend until they eventually break, perhaps falling on power lines, your home, or even you.

Prepare Your Trees

Your best defense against damage from freezing rain is to make sure your trees are properly stabilized before winter comes. A proper pruning eliminates any weak branches that could easily break off. If the tree has underlying problems that weaken it, a professional can brace or cable it to keep it stable in the wind and under ice. When done correctly, tree cabling and bracing is often unnoticeable and won’t make your property look unsightly.

We Can Help You Get Ready

If there are any trees on your property that you are concerned about, contact our tree service professionals. Our arborists can perform a tree risk assessment to determine the best course of action. We offer professional tree pruning, assessment and removal services for both homeowners and businesses.