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3 Ways to Repurpose Dead or Removed Wood

Log deadwood
Getting rid of some of your tree’s mass will be needed throughout its lifetime. Fruit trees need to be pruned to promote a good harvest, young trees need to be shaped, and old trees will eventually need branches to be removed. A professional tree service company will make the cuts you need, and often remove the wood debris as part of their services. But you don’t have to get rid of everything. Here are three ways to incorporate the wood into your property.

1. Use the trees for firewood.

If your estate has a large, traditionally-styled fireplace, then it’s meant for long-lasting fires that warm up the whole property. Instead of buying wood from a supplier or turning to out-of-state composite wood, you can use supplies from your own trees. You can also use the wood for your smokers and grills. Not only does this guarantee a cleaner burn with fewer unknown chemicals, but you can also control the flavoring of the smoke.

2. Chip the remainder into mulch.

Mulch is a necessity for any yard. Most mulches are made of an unknown combination of wood chips, fertilizers, and plant material. If you can control what goes into your mulch, you can ensure quality control for sensitive plants. You can also ensure your organic vegetable garden stays organic.

3. Save key pieces for a display.

You might not want to get rid of every piece of tree that needs to be cut down. If part of the property doubles as a museum or has public walking paths, some tree damage is an attraction. If a large portion of the tree needs to be removed because of storm damage or a historic event, the wood can be set to the side and displayed. This is especially popular for sites with rare or atypically old trees. We can help you manage your property or estate to ensure your trees and shrubs stay healthy and beautiful all year long. We offer tree pruning services and many other services and programs to give you a landscape you will love. Contact one of our arborists today!

3 Ways to Repurpose Dead or Removed Wood

Use the trees for firewood.

Chip the remainder into mulch.

Save key pieces for a display.

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