Proper Tree and Shrub Pruning Cuts

female arborist pruning tree

You may have had your trees or shrubs pruned or trimmed in the past, so you may already be aware of how important proper pruning cuts are for the health of the tree. If you’ve never had any pruning done for the plants on your property, here are some helpful tips for you!

Why Prune?

There are many reasons to prune a tree or shrub. One reason for tree pruning is safety; making sure the branches in your trees are cut back appropriately, as well as properly without harming the plant, will help minimize any falling limbs during high winds or heavy rain. Another reason for pruning trees or shrubs is aesthetic; these plants can get out of control! We’ve all seen shrubs that take over a landscape as they grow and expand; pruning helps control the shape of the plant while making sure that it still has pockets to receive good amounts of sunlight for health.

When To Prune?

While pruning can be done at any time throughout the year, some tree professionals suggest Fall as a good time to schedule any trimming for your trees and shrubs. Why is that? For jobs that need major pruning work, Fall can be a good time since leaves are falling off the trees; without the foliage, it is easier to see the structure of the tree and what needs to be adjusted.

How To Prune?

Explaining how to prune can be more difficult; it’s a very visual process! One thing to remember is that every cut you make on a tree or shrub is a wound, so when in doubt, call a tree professional to help you out. When it comes to shrubs, steer away from shearing; shearing will shred the ends of shrubs, leaving them tight. Hand pruning will help the shrub space out evenly. With trees, a proper cut will be round instead of oblong, and there won’t be any rips like tears; remember that it will look like a donut around the cut as it heals over.

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