Spring Fever

Springtime is getting closer; the weather is gradually getting warmer and each day stretches a little longer than the last. With these changes comes the promise of spending more time outside among the trees and shrubs at your property. Here are a few things you may want to keep your eyes open for:


Have you noticed if your trees and shrubs have begun to flower and bloom yet? Many have! One example is the Star Magnolia (pictured here); it is known as an early bloomer and is said to signify when spring is near. Some other trees that may have started blooming include Maples, Cherries, and Bradford Pears, so if you have any of these at your home check to see if their buds are popping open! Other trees like Dogwood and Redbud will begin to bloom in the next few weeks.


With flowering plants come insects! Be prepared for all sorts of little critters to start coming out of the woodwork (no pun intended). Many beneficials will re-emerge, such as bees, praying mantids, and ladybugs; however, don’t forget to pay attention for harmful insects that can hurt your trees and shrubs! Springtime is open season for many insects like cankerworms and Eastern tent caterpillars. Expect to start seeing some different insects beginning to hatch!


With Spring coming so soon, what can you be doing to make sure your trees and shrubs are healthy and strong? Here are some things you might want to talk to your arborist about:

  • Pruning. For some species, or depending on when they were planted or when they normally begin to flower, the springtime is a good time to do some pruning and clearing out the dead weight.

  • Spring Feeding. Making sure your trees and shrubs are getting all the nutrients they need to thrive is crucial! A healthy tree is better able to fight off insects and diseases than one that is already in a weaker state.

  • Insect and Disease Control. Preemptive care for your trees and shrubs helps to protect them from any potential infestation or fungus that comes. Putting your plants on a program could save their lives!

Call our office at 864-244-3088 to set an appointment or talk to your arborist about what you can do to help your trees and shrubs as we get into springtime!