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Three Reasons to Consider a Stump Removal

Tree stump removal
It may be a relief to have that dying tree cut down, but not all homeowners rush to remove the stump. There may be many reasons for this, including cost. But, over time problems can reveal themselves and these issues can cost you in different ways. Before you leave that stump in place, ask yourself the following questions to see if a stump removal should be considered.

1. Is the stump in the way?

Perhaps at first, it may seem no big deal to walk over the stump, but as you use your yard more and more, you may find it is always in your way. It can interfere with furniture placement or plans for new landscaping projects. Even worse, it can be a tripping hazard, making it especially problematic for children, the disabled, and seniors.

2. Does the stump attract insects?

Most homeowners dread termites, but if you have an old stump in your yard, the decaying wood will attract them directly to your property. It can also draw other pests such as wasps, beetles, and ants to disrupt your relaxing time outdoors.

3. Is the stump still growing?

You may think that once you cut down a tree, it stops growing. However, the tree still has a will to live. Tough, quick growing shoots, often sprout from the base of the stump in multiples and they can be hard and annoying to be kept cut off. The roots of the tree are a hidden danger because they also continue to grow. Growing roots can invade nearby foundations and sidewalks, causing dangerous or costly cracks. If you are struggling with any of the above problems, it is time to schedule work. Removing the stump yourself may become more work than you bargained for, so it is best to leave it to those more experienced. Call our tree service experts, and they will arrive with professional equipment to efficiently break up and remove the stump, roots and all.

Three Reasons to Consider a Stump Removal

Is the stump in the way?

Does the stump attract insects?

Is the stump still growing?

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