Three Things Your Tree Service Company Can Do to Keep Pests Away

vole around a tree

While neighborhood animals are part of nature and are even vital to helping some of your plants grow, they can also cause a lot of damage along the way. Whether you have a regular tree maintenance plan with a local tree care company or you want a professional to help with pests, a tree management company can:

Identify invasive rodents and keep them away from your trees.

Burrowing animals hurt your yard. If you have voles tunneling through your backyard or rabbits digging up a shelter at the base of your tree, they can cause expensive damage if left unchecked. Call an arborist to inspect trees with upturned soil and scratch marks around the base of the trunk. They can recommend nutrients and watering schedules to repair the damage. Tree care specialists can also install mesh to protect the trunk and spikes or wire deterrents to keep pests from digging around the roots. There are several materials available that won’t endanger people or pets.

Get rid of invasive pests.

Those animals might not just be digging around your trees for shelter. They could also be looking for food. Burrowing insects might have made mulch or sunscalded bark their home. Have an arborist take a look if your tree has sustained visible damage or if the rodents keep coming back. While catching pests at the beginning of spring is the best way to minimize long-term damage, it’s never too late to limit the damage as much as possible.

Recommend future steps.

Animal and insect behaviors are seasonal. Tree care specialists that know your trees’ history can protect them in advance. They also track annual pests and even rarer cycles of behavior, so your yard isn’t caught off guard.

Make sure your trees are protected by contacting our tree service professionals to find the right solution.