3 Things You Need To Know About Fall Fertilization

tree service professional applying fall shrub and tree fertilization

Summer is over, and while temperatures are still warm, fall is slowly moving in. Morning temperatures have begun to get a little cooler, and trees will start to prepare for winter. One good way to help your trees and shrubs prepare for the upcoming winter months is with Fall Shrub and Tree Fertilization applications; here is some helpful information about why these applications are good for your plants.

Fertilization in the fall helps trees avoid winter injury.

When the temperature drops below the tolerance of a tree or shrub, cells inside the plan tend to die causing what is called “winter injury.” As the plant gets ready to close itself up in the winter (similar to hibernation), it needs a stash of minerals so it will grow and bloom when temperatures warm up in the spring.

As trees and shrubs are preparing for winter, Fall Fertilization aids in providing nutrients for the colder months.

Many trees especially deciduous ones like oaks or maples have a lot more work to do before they are done for the year. During this period when growth is slowing down, many trees will divert energy into pulling nutrients out of the leaves. Leaves start turning brown, red, and yellow during this time leading to beautiful fall color. Once the tree pulls the entire surplus of nutrients out of the leaves the zone between the stem and the petiole, which is called the abscission zone, closes. Having your tree or shrub injected will help keep it healthy and robust, providing a storage of nutrients for the plant to pull from when temperatures gradually get colder.

Seasonal fertilization helps trees and shrubs cope with stress year round.

All trees and shrubs in the urban environment are stressed. It’s important to make sure they are getting the proper supplements so they can stay vibrant all year long. It’s like us with fruits and vegetables; we need those healthy foods to keep us strong and give us energy. Plants are the same way! They need the right food to thrive. We can help by providing that for them.

We’d love to talk with you more about how you can help keep your plants on the right track. Our certified arborists are here to recommend customized shrub and tree care programs. Schedule an appointment with your arborist today to learn more!