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What’s Eating Your Dogwood Tree?
Dogwood Anthracnose Actually, we’re not talking about an insect! Right now, many Dogwood trees are being affected by a fungal… read more
Emerald Ash Borer is Moving South
Emerald Ash Borer is moving South, just like Lebron James is moving West. Sadly, they bring no titles or rings;… read more
Getting to the Root of Your Tree Problem
What Can Happen to Your Trees After A Heavy Rain? Storm damage includes more than physical damage. All of the… read more
Keep Your Trees Hydrated In the Summer
There are many factors that can add stress to a tree or shrub. Common ones that we talk about a… read more
Don’t Let Landscapers Top Your Trees
Sometimes trees grow too large. Over the course of decades and centuries, a tree can grow too close to the… read more
Is It Time to Have Your Trees Inspected?
“Most trees fail due to a pre-existing condition.” Certified Arborist Scott Carlson, who works from our Greenville Branch, was recently… read more
Protect Your Trees From Lightning
Here in South Carolina, our ancient live oaks and tall pines are a part of our heritage. Not only do… read more
A Look On The Blight Side
What is Fire Blight? You may have seen this disease without even knowing it! If you see scorched leaves on… read more
One is the Loneliest Number: Companion Planting for Trees
From Alder and Cherry to Lemon and Willow, all trees need nutrients to grow. To get the most from your… read more

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