Author: Kasey Owens

Boxwood Leafminer

Description: Boxwood leafminer is the most serious insect pest that attacks boxwood. A beautiful row of boxwoods can suddenly turn yellowish in color and decline

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Description: The immature, or larval stage of insects, particularly beetles and moths, that feed on wood rather than leaves or plant juices are referred to

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Cold Damage to your Shrubs

This winter we have experienced temperatures in the single digits that have caused cold injury to plants.  You may have noticed your evergreen trees and

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Crepe Murder

Crepe Myrtle’s are a beautiful tree or shrub (depending on their size) that faithfully flowers through the heat of summer. Unfortunately, toomany landscapers and homeowners

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DIY Tree Pruning

I have always admired the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) mentality. You know the type, hears a noise in his car and crawls under with a flashlight in

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